Tips 3 How to Enlarge Penis Natural Safe And Fast!

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Everyone would hope to have a home full of happiness. However, the happiness in this household can be influenced by various things including satisfaction in bed. If you have a satisfying sexual life, this will certainly affect your happiness in everyday life.

On the other hand, happiness will not emanate in everyday life if you have problems of sexual satisfaction. There are many factors that affect the dissatisfaction in a man’s sexual life. Some common problems often found in men are impotence and premature ejaculation . In addition, the size of a small male vital tool often also becomes a problem.

Actually it is not the size of a man’s own vital tool that makes it difficult to get satisfaction on the bed because basically with proper techniques the size of a standard penis can give satisfaction in sexual relationships. However, many men have the mindset that they are required to have a large penis to be able to give and get satisfaction on the bed so as not to feel confident with the size of their penis today.

The best solution in this case is actually improving the confidence of the man, but if any way to enlarge your confidence is by increasing the size of the vital tool, at least you should make sure that the way you do is a safe way.

The desire to enlarge penis size has actually been found since long. In other words, the problem of masculinity has been an important part of men’s lives since time immemorial. There is a myth that says how to enlarge the size of the first male vital tool was introduced by people from the Middle East region. The technique is inherited from generation to generation since centuries ago.

Now, you can find a variety of products both in the form of tools and drugs that promise greater vital tools in an instant. However, you should realize that enlarging the penis is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. You will not get a bigger penis overnight especially if you focus on health and safety factors in the process.

How to enlarge the Penis Naturally you should choose because it is safer with fewer side effects as long as done correctly. However, you need commitment and patience to get optimal results. You also should not force yourself to get instant results because the following natural ways focus on exercising the penis muscles should train other muscles in the body.

To get the optimal results, you should take the following steps regularly. There are some exercises you can do on the penis muscles so you will get a larger penis size after a regular workout.

1. Stretching Exercises or Length Extender


This is done to increase the length of the male vital tool. This exercise will help you stretch the erectile tissue which is the tendon tissue that makes the penis erection if the blood vessels in the tissue are filled with blood flowing from the body. This way you should choose compared to how to increase the length of the vital tool by tying the ballast to the penis as it is much safer.

This exercise can be done when the penis in a state of weakness and not erect. Sitting or standing position is the most appropriate position to perform this exercise. You need to make sure that your vital tool is not in slippery condition so your hands will not skid while holding it in practice. First of all, you need to hold the tip of the penis with one hand while the other hand holds the penis.

You should not hold the penis too hard because it can cause penile injury. Then you can pull the penis forward until you feel the strain without having to do it too hard. This pull you can hold for 30 seconds and then you release. This way you can do as many as ten times.

You can release the penis then to wiggle the penis or punch the penis to the right and left thighs for 30 seconds until the penis relaxes again. Stretching exercises you can do repeatedly with different directions such as up, left, down, and to the right. In addition, you can do a circular motion to the right and to the left.

2. Jelging


This is done to increase penis size. The concept of this exercise is to force blood to fill the blood vessels in the penis continuously. As a result, the tendon tissue of the penis will dilate so that the size of the penis will also enlarge.

This exercise can be done with a sitting or standing position for approximately 20 minutes. This exercise requires lubricating fluids such as baby oil. After smearing the penis with lubricating fluid, you need to make sure the penis is 60-80% erect. You can hold the base of the penis by joining your thumb with your index finger.

The handle you need to strengthen until you feel the blood locked in the penis. However, you should not hold the penis too strong especially with all the fingers. You need to pull your finger up with another hand that takes the position of the previous handle at the base of the penis.

You need to take turns doing this movement with both hands like a flush. You can do this exercise for ten minutes for a start. After three weeks, you can increase your exercise frequency to 20-30 minutes. After three months of regular exercise, you will see a difference in the size of your penis.

3. Kegel Technique


Enlarge penis with kegel technique? You may wonder about this because kegel is more often done by women and pregnant women. Kegel technique is done on the penis to train stamina, harden the penis so it is more durable, and also prevent prostate cancer that became the scourge of many men.

This method can also hone your ability to control ejaculation so you can be more durable when acting on the bed. This technique targeted kegel muscle that beraa at the base of the penis near the prostate gland. This exercise is done by repeating muscle kegel repeatedly for 20-30 times.

After that, you can rest for a few minutes and repeat the movement. You can do this interval for several times. After that, you can tighten the kegel muscles slowly until you feel the tense muscles of kegel and tired hips.

You can let go and rest for a few minutes before repeating the same movement. In addition, you can also tighten kegel muscles. After 30 seconds, you can let go and rest. The same movement you can do for several times. The key to this exercise is to hold the kegel muscle in such a way as to hold back the urine. You can do this exercise as much as anything anywhere and anytime to get more optimal results.


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